The MORA - Bioresonance Therapy

The MORA Therapy

The MORA therapy is a holistic diagnosis and treatment principle with inherent patient oscillations. This therapy model was developed in 1977 by the German duo of Dr. Franz Morell and engineer Erich Rasche, and hence the name MO-RA.

In the meanwhile, years of research by renowned scientists have determined and verified that every human being has an individual oscillation spectrum that can be used therapeutically. Today, it is also a known fact that physiological activities in the body of human beings and animals can be controlled using electromagnetic oscillations. Even the organs, be it healthy or diseased, have an entire individual oscillation spectrum that varies from person to person.

The MORA therapy uses endogenic oscillations that correspond to the current physiological condition. Once this information is electronically processed and fed back, it is possible to change the physical and physiological conditions in the body of a patient and to initiate healing processes specifically.

Similar to the electric acupuncture, substance information can be tested from outside (e.g. medicines) for compatibility or incompatibility and transferred in order to additionally enhance the effect of the MORA therapy.
The MORA therapy is neither an electric therapy nor a radiation in any form and it is also not a treatment method where one needs to have faith in order to see visible results. It is based on over 30 years of experience and has also been substantiated by scientific researches to some extent. The MORA therapy concept has also been corroborated by modern research in the field of bioelectromagnetism.

Options of endogenous and exogenous MORA bioresonance therapy

In case of the basic therapy principle of the endogenous bioresonance therapy, the patient is connected to the MORA device using hand and foot electrodes. These electrodes transfer the electromagnetic endogenic oscillations to the device, reflect and feed them back to the patient. These oscillations are then superimposed with endogenic oscillations. Different special therapy strategies, e.g., with “harmonic” and “disharmonious oscillations” or connecting local electrodes directly to the diseased spot, complement the basic therapy principle. Physiological effects can be measured at the acupuncture points relatively fast using electric acupuncture.

In the exogenous MORA bioresonance therapy, weak electromagnetic oscillations are externally superimposed on or transferred to the endogenic oscillation field and used therapeutically. These external oscillations are generated from:
Relevant therapeutic substances (e.g. allergens, vitamins, nosodes, heavy metals).
These substance oscillations can be stored electronically and are available as "electronic test sets" in the digital form.
·    Body secretion, excretion and fluids.
·    Colour light oscillations